"Shovach" poem By  haim Nahman Bialik

Shovach is another famous poem by Haim Nahman Bialik that I was called to make an illustration for app.

In his story there is a caring mama bird who came back from a field searching with great success food for her baby birds.

So I imagine in my mind this mama birds coming with her great love while her children enjoying life .

So coming to draw that with the general look compose the element together to one story knowing that only in this way I will find what I were looking for . I knew that all the part together will be much more value from each and one of them separate .

But after having all of them together I stared to focus on the object that I felt that more attention to them will make it look more nice.

U can se some of mine attempts from general to particular

So after having what I was looking for in sketch I took it to illustrator and start to design it for the app when every detail that need to be animated come in separated layer so actually  in this case I worked in opposite direction form particular to general