Booklet Design: Thashchezometry

Tashchezometry is the title of a crossword puzzle booklet, which has a somewhat unusual purpose: it contains words that may appear in psychometric exams. Tali, the author of the booklet, consulted me about making a design that speaks the graphic language of books on that subject, but also appears less formal and more stimulating and amusing.

About The Technique

book cover plus beck.jpg

So for the logo we agreed on a cartoon look. While playing with the letters, a 3D design came up in my mind, with an arrow curving between letters and increasing the 3D illusion. In Hebrew, the word "Tashchezometry" contains the word "arrow", so adding an arrow image is a play of words as well as a graphic symbol.

Working on the colors I wanted intensity, and therefore I designed a combination of blue and orange. But for the background we chose grey, so it will not attract much attention and as a homage to the graphic language of other books on the same topic. Still, in my opinion white lines on both sides of the cover could make the background crispier.

A diagram of crossword puzzle completed the booklet's cover, and finally Tali and I could implement the words she chose. Aiming for an informal appearance, I added a scribble of a smiley icon and other shapes, as if someone made them by hand while writing.