Shir Moas front.jpg

Flyer And Logo

Shira hight is an owner of business which provide tools for a healthy way for baby sleep. So we decided together that the logo should be with symbol that will help the client to understand what this business about.

Of Corse we agreed that the symbol have to be a sleeping baby. we talked about the general look of the logo and the card , shira explain me that she is searching for a soft and gentle look not to formal because it is a 

Shir Moas back.jpg

About The Technique

I started with the caricature . I took Jecky face and I put it over picture of me, that I took for this project searching for right position of the body, and I  stated with indicate lines. After having that I started to play with the proportions. Coming to Jeck satisfaction I compose it on Photoshop document with the other elements.

Designing  the logo, thinking of a simple one that will increase the tension between the elements. the green color on the background were choose in order to pup out the 

Shir Moas detail1.jpg
Shir Moas detail2.jpg
Shir Moas signiture.jpg