shovach skech.jpg

"Shovach" Poem By Haim Nahman Bialik

Dovecote (Shovach), another famous poem by Hayim Nahman Bialik, is another poem I was asked to illustrate for an app. In this poem, a caring mother bird returns from a field after successful foraging and she encourages her baby birds to eat.

Reading the poem, I imagined this mother bird arriving with great love to her offspring, while they enjoy life. Drawing this scene seemed to depend on combining many elements together into a single story. When composed together, all the elements should gain great additional value, compared to the value of each part alone. But after combining all the parts together, I felt that more attention should be paid to each of them. You can see some of my attempts to work from general to particular.

After achieving what I was looking for in sketch, I transferred the results to Illustrator and started to design it for the app. Every detail that needed to be animated was separated in a specific layer, so once again I worked from particular to general.

shovach detail1.jpg