Amy Winehouse

About The Technique

In 2012 I was asked by Viner Communication to produce a flyer for a tribute concert with Amy Winehouse songs. The purpose of the concert was raising money for Lev Ohev (loving heart, in Hebrew), a non-profit organization for children in need. Israeli artists from around the country gathered at the national theater Habima and preformed Amy's songs.

The idea was to create an amusing flyer, yet with a reminder to Amy's tragic death. I started with a caricature of Amy on paper; that is how I prefer to do my research, because I feel that paper is my playground. Searching for a happy and funny look, I started to play with the proportions of the image, but I didn't take it too far, so an elegant touch will still be sustained.

After realizing my plan on paper and getting the client's approval, I scanned the paper and started to process the image in Photoshop. First, I emphasized the outline, and then I added a new layer below and removed the layer with the pencil scan, so I could add color in the new layer. Next, I added a layer of gradient black at the background, attempting to provoke some tension between amusing to tragic. 

Other layers were dedicated to the text. I wanted the headline font to look "used", because I felt that such a look promotes a sense of tension. Next, I added a layer for the stars, and finally I could play with all the elements. Now, after a few tests, the client was satisfied with the result.

i sccaned the papper and start to compose is it in photoshop formt

i used coloring techniqeo that that   was ment to servethe contrast between the hapiness and sadness