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Humus Abu Yoker

When I met Omer and Meytal for the first time, Meytal brought some idea and a sample of wedding invitation that she downloaded from the internet, and we started to process it on Photoshop. It's a good way to start because it helps me to understand the client's taste.

So in the beginning I did what Meytal asked. The next day she told me that she feels like something is missing. I couldn't agree more, and I thought that the invitation must be more personal, with some element showing that it is Meytal and Omer's wedding.

Of course the first thing that came to my mind was a double portrait. Whenever I have an opportunity to paint, I take it! I

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About The Technique

used a classical drawing technique, somewhat sketchy, and I blurred the digital signs as much as I could. We agreed together that the design should be printed on textured paper that may blur the digital sign even further.

Sketching Omer was easy. On my first attempt, Omer was there modelling. Meytal's portrait was slower. In my opinion, drawing a women's face must be very accurate, and if you fail it may be tragic for the lady. So Meytal had do model for a longer time, until our goal was reached. Finally, I could combine all the elements together into a complete wedding invitation.

A last comment, about the heart made of finger prints: it was taken from the invitation Meytal brought with her. She got attached to it, so we found a way to include everyone's desires and skill in the final product.

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