logo and flyer.jpg
Logo and Flayer: Dimyon, Better Communication among Preschoolers

"Dimyon" ("Imagination" in Hebrew) is a workshop for preschoolers that provides parents with tools for better communication with their children.

The first time I met the owner of Dimyon, Tali, she brought with her to the café some puppets: an owl, a Bambi and a seagull. She told me that these puppet are going to take a major part in the workshop, and asked me to draw them as separate files, so she may use them in various ways. She also wanted to integrate them into the logo and a flyer. Below you can see the results.

I learned from Tali that the preschoolers at the workshop can really enjoy themselves, beside achieving progress in communication. So the logo and the flyer had to be stimulating, with happy and strong colors. After searching for the right font and playing around with proportions, I chose colors and combined the owl, the Bambi and the seagull.

We decided together about the graphic style of the font: black contour and shining and highlighted colors inside. This style is unlike the sketchy animals' style, and we thought that it all looks good together and there is no need to add colors to the animals. Nevertheless, in the flyer I added color to the owl. Why? Because Tali wanted it that way…