Logo and Business Card: Shira Height, Healthy Sleeping Habits for Babies

Shira Height is the owner of a business which guides parents in helping their babies to sleep better. Shira told me that she is looking for a soft and elegant look, because it is a boutique business that needs to provide the clients with a comfortable space to learn and to practice.

We agreed that the logo should include an illustration of a sleeping baby, so the viewer may understand effortlessly what the business is about. When creating the illustrated baby, my main effort was dedicated to positioning the sleeping body convincingly. Then I looked for a font that matches the image, and you can see some of my attempts. We decided to curve the text into an arc that implies a cradle and clarifies the story behind the logo.

After completing a sketch, I processed it using a vector program (Illustrator), because we were looking for a neat and fine look, and in my opinion such a look is easily achievable with Illustrator.

After the logo was completed, we moved on to the business card. First I looked for the proper colors, as we agreed on soft, non-contrasting hues. The result ranges between white font, light blue background and warm brown as dark font.

shira hight sketch 3.jpg
shira hight sketch 5.jpg