By the end of 2011 I stated to work for a company that adapts classic children books into an interactive app. We started with books that have already been illustrated, and after producing some of them successfully I was asked to illustrate some of Hayim Nahman Bialik's most famous Hebrew children's poetry.

A Bird's Nest (Ken LaZipor) is a poem describing a bird's nest up in the trees. There are three eggs in the nest, and inside each of them there is a chick, sleeping. When you have the story it makes life much easier, and here I had a very solid one.

In the process of work, first of all I thought about drawing the nest as if it was a part of the bird's body. You can see some of my attempts.

Next, I drew the nest inside a tree, with the bird much bigger than the bird in the final version. The bird is at the center, while the chick is animated entering the egg and going out of it. In another version I placed the little chick out of the nest. This attempt had more animation in it and it was more interactive, and therefore it was chosen for the final work.

When I reached a satisfying overall look, I started to sketch the scene using Illustrator, and gradually built it with the animation layout. Every detail that needed to be animated was made in a separate layer, so the final work contains about 65 layers.