abu yoker menu.jpg

Humus Abu Yoker

Jacky Menahem was a winner at the Israeli Big Brother TV show. And he is a very funny guy. So when I was called to design a logo and a menu for him, the first thing that came to my mind was a caricature of him. I wanted the caricature to be realistic and detailed so the effort of painting will contrast the other, more casual and effortless elements in the menu. I do believe that a detailed caricature can make a stronger impact when you don’t have a solid story, since it helps the viewer to understand the looser story.


About The Technique

Designing the caricature, I placed Jacky's face over a picture of mine, taken for this project in search for the right body position. After drawing the contours, I started to play around with proportions. As Jacky was satisfied with the results, I composed it as a Photoshop document with the other elements. 

Designing the logo, I looked for something simple that will increase the tension between the elements, so when I found the right font it was reworked with a seemingly effortless painting technique. For the image of Jacky I used a classical, much more restrained technique. The glowing green background was chosen in order to make the graphic elements pop out dramatically, as well as an homage to comics' graphic language.

Finally, I added an imaginary diagram of humus production, because I felt that the menu should communicate a passion for humus.