sagit lev ari.jpg


my attempts was to create a picture that will look and feel  like aquarelle color i bleave that the visual language need to work together with the theme

sagit lev detail.jpg
sagit 2.jpg

Sagit Lev Ari

in this project i was asked by yhe singer to create a cover for the single "lev solehach" and to prduce a clip

we did not finish the movei clip yet but the cover we did

the song talking about the disapotment and the frustration from society and the understending that only forgivness will set here free 

thinking thogether me and sagit about the why to  epress here story in visual, we agreed to combine her in present and the little child on the left side to symboliyze the past and the present

and the laeves the regrowing, the why the nature work the heart in the uper right sizement to present the heart of the singer and the way it is shannung now

footage off thr movie clip this drawing is part off a sequence that made in rotoscop techne

About The Technique

i took some picture of falling leavs from my garden and some picture of sagit and put them on photoshop dacument and start to creat a stoty board

sagit and i together decieded that this us the most untresting fram on the stotry board and the most informative regarding to thethem of the song

after that it was much eazier when i ad the little shild and the shining heart and stat to remove unnecessary leaves  from her face and emapesuse what i thought is necessary