ori goldstien

i am a painter and illustrarer, and more than i make animation and sound .

i started as classic painter. that was my gold when i took my first step as an artist. i went to a number of thecher and places over the years learnunug about classic paniting and the history of art combine with a degree in behavioral science and pilisophy. when i came to the age of 30 i went to learn animation in HASSIFA when i found the digital media and  .over  two decate now that i consider my self as a digital artist and a painter.

in the age off 37 untill today i work as an cnc programer. dealealing now 7 yaers with this thechnince, make for me oppertunity to combine the digital art and the plastic art .

my passion is painting. in my free time i love to design tattoo and make the  tattoo  it self . i believe that this is another good why of sharing my passion to painting.  

the other love is music. in my spare time i love to produce sound in my studio mainly tech music 123/4 bpm hopfully to have one album or much more:)


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